Festival Schedule! TBH

Please visit us in March of 2020 for the May 17, 2020 Schedule

The following is our prior, May 19, 2019, event’s schedule which hints at what is ahead for May 17, 2020.

Registered Exhibitors’ Load-In Time: 7am – 8:30 am

Bicycle Show Entrants’ Car/Truck  Drop Off: See Bike Show Page

Bicycle Show Entrants’ Story Road Ride-Ins or Walk-Ins: 8:00 am to 11:15 am  (see Bicycle Show page for details)

Bicycle Show Registration : 8:00 am to 11:15 am  
See !Bicycle Show! Page
for more info

9:52am Group Ride from Rod Diridon Caltrain Station to Viva CalleSJ’s start at St. James Park. This will acomodate folks taking Caltrain’s #422  from any station from San Francisco south through Santa Clara or the VTA lightrail.

Viva CalleSJ Opens Six Miles of  Streets with Three Hubs:  10am

Emma Prusch Farm Park Hub’s                                                                     Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival & Bicycle Show Opens: 10am

11:30pm 1st BMX Stunt Riding Show by BMX Freestyle Team

12:30pm Special Talks by Street Smarts Program & Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition 

1:30pm 2nd BMX Stunt Riding Show by BMX Freestyle Team

2pm-2:30 pm Bicycle Show Awards Ceremony

2:30 pm San Jose Bike Party leads last ride along the Viva CalleSJ

On Street – Bikes! Festival Exhibitor Load-Out Time: 3:00PM to 4:00pm

Throughout the Day at Emma Prusch Farm Park ‘s Silicon Valley Bikes! Festival Hub on Nearby Story Road near King Road:

Local Bicycle History Exhibit & Bicycle Show; Family-Fun activities; Artisans & Craft; San Jose Earthquakes; Test Ride Mike’s Bike, Yuba Cargo Bikes, and Ride Scoozy bikes;  Zumba Classes! music and more on the main stage;  Visit 4H farm animals in San José’s largest barn; 500 Free Children’s Helmets Give-Away, courtesy of the City of San José’s Street Smarts Program; Bucolic chill-out space for picnicking, kite flying, games and relaxing; Veggielution!;  nearby eateries offering all manner of delectibles.