Festival Schedule!

Our 2017 Festival’s Schedule of Events Hints at What’s Up for 2018:

Bicycle Show Registration: 8:00 am to 11:15 am : See !Bicycle Show! Page for more info

On the Plaza:

Throughout the Day on the San Jose Jazz Boom Box Stage: Music by Sonido Clash

Throughout the Day in the Park:

Food Trucks; Santa Clara Valley Brewing’s Craft Beer; O’Brien’s Ice Cream Parlor; Bicycle Exposition; Amazing Purveyors of all things Bicycling; Artisans & Craft; Kids’ Space activities & Stampede Bikes Tykes Track; Bike Polo demonstrations; Bay Area Glass Institute demonstrations;  “Fashion to Die For” exhibit in the Pasetta House and       “Painting the Town: The Work of Rey Giese” in the Pacific Hotel.

The Schedule: 

11am: The Festival Opens!

11am: Group Ride from Rod Diridon Station to the Fest

12 Noon: Welcome & Official Festival Opening

1pm : BMX Stunt Riding Show

1pm Public Advocacy Meeting & Community Forum in the Firehouse

2pm :BMX Stunt Riding Show

2:30: Meet Frenzy, the San José Barracuda’s Mascot !

3:00 pm: BMX Stunt Riding Show

3:30 pm   Bicycle Show Awards!

5:00 pm: Our Festival Ends! See you on Sunday, May 6, 2018 for our 4th Annual!

In the Firehouse:

1 pm to 4 pm: Public Advocacy Meeting & Community Forum . Meet the Dutch Cycling Embassy, who made a special trip to the U.S. to tell us why 80 % of Netherland workers commute by bicycle.  Meet our Valley’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committees, the Mineta Transportation Institute, Caltrans, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, VTA and more for edifying and enlightening presentations and talk.

Festival “Must See’s”:

Spectacular Bicycle Show; Kids’ Space; BMX stunt riding shows; Cargo bikes; Bike Polo Demonstrations; Bay Area Glass Institute‘s glass making demonstrations;  “Fashion to Die For” exhibit in the Pasetta House; the Pacific Hotel’s Arbuckle Gallery for, “Painting the Town: The Work of Rey Giese” and Frenzy, the San José Barracuda!